JV Event Group provides you with some of the best DJ’s in the Midwest. We will ensure that the correct DJ is matched to the specific needs and vision of your event. Our DJ’s are all well trained and have mastered the art of mixing. No DJ from our company will simply “press play”, but will create an endless flow of music throughout the event.


Have you been to an event where the energy level seems to be lacking? With JV Event Group, that will not be the case. Our emcees add ahigh level of energy to any event. JV Event Group MC’s are all extensively trained and are ready for any situation. A professional MC will ensure that your event stays on time and that your guests are always aware of what is going on.

Custom Monograms

Choose just letters, names, or a professionally designed monogram for your wedding. Custom monograms allow for our clients to make their wedding venue truly look unique. Not only do custom monograms add to the ambiance but are also a great backdrop for pictures. Monograms can be projected on walls, the dance floor, or the ceiling.

Intelligent Lighting

These lights, like uplights, are computer-controlled and can be controlled to illuminate virtually any part of a ballroom. The most common uses are to be used as spot lights during entrances, the first dance, and as dance floor lighting. These lights are very versatile and truly add a lot to any event. Most commonly 4-6 fixtures are used.

LED Dance Floor

Want to make your dance floor truly unforgettable? Add an LED Dance floor to your event, this will truly awe your guests! A dedicated technician will be able to create different patterns, effects, colors, and even messages. All of these different options can all be programmed to go to the beat of the music.

LED Uplighting

JV Event Group uses full LED uplighting to create an unmatchable ambiance to an event. Our lights are computer-controlled and virtually any color can be created. In addition, uplights can be synced to the music to create a club-like experience and really add to the energy of dance floor. Uplights with out a question have became a standard to all weddings and will completely transform any room. 


JV Event Group’s photobooths create a fun, interactive, and memorable time for guests. Our photo favors create a memory that your guests can enjoy and remember for years to come! At all times there will be 1 to 2 photobooth attendants to interact with your guests and to ensure the ultimate experience. Once the event is concluded we will provide you with a book of all the pictures printed and a digital copy of all the photos taken.

LED Video Wall

JV Event Group is one of the only wedding companies in Michigan to offer a LED video wall to any event. LED video walls are designed to offer high quality pictures, videos, and graphics. This without a question is a service that will set your event apart! This video wall can be used for countless different uses. They are commonly used to display custom wedding videos, retrospectives of the couple’s relationship, well-wishes from friends and family who couldn’t attend, custom graphics, music videos, backdrops, and so much more.

Mobile Baraat

We will create a high energy experience using our Mobile Baraat System. We will live mix the Baraat in sync with our JV Event Group Dholi to bring in the groom with style. In addition, we will direct the entire procession flawlessly and emcee the Baraat so that everyone knows what is going on.

Dhol Players

There is no substitution to a live Dhol player at an event. The beat of the dhol will undoubtedly add energy to any event. Our skilled Dholi’s will play to the beat of the music and work with our DJ’s to create a unique and unforgettable experience!

Other Services offered

“Dancing Under the Clouds” Effect


Custom Party Favors


Projection Screens

Haze/Fog Machines